Traveler’s Choice Sedona 29in Hard-Side Spinner Review


The traveler’s choice Sedona 29in hard-side spinner is made of 100% high grade poly carbonate which makes it rigid and long-lasting. It’s also flexible and absorbs pressure retaining its original shape. The light weight aluminum telescopic handle has a push button and self-locking mechanism for easier handling and is tough enough to haul heavy weights. The suitcase weighs 10.9 pounds and measures 11.5” by 29” by 21”. It comes in 6 different colors. The hard shell has a fine finishing giving your case the luxurious look that lasts through years of travel.

Traveler's Choice Sedona 29in Hard-Side Spinner

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Customer Opinion

I bought the pewter-colored case and it looked classic yet professional and still unique plus easy to identify at baggage claim. The cavity for the retractable handle is extended making it easier to pack more into the case. The spinner wheels rolled easy and silently and are sturdy enough to withstand long-term use. After 4 trips already I am yet to see them weaken like many others in the market. The TSA lock secures the contents while avoiding breakage by security and customs agents. It has a top lid meshed pocket for keeping personal items with an elastic tie band to hold down clothing. The main part also has an elastic tie to keep clothing wrinkle free and secure. The case has an oyster shape that maximizes on available packing space.


It is a very spacious suitcase with plenty of organization options. It has an expandable feature allowing for up to 20% more packing capacity. The aluminum light weight handle is strong and the grip part is comfortable. The spinner wheels roll smoothly especially over even ground.


The oyster shape requires organized packing as you cannot simply pile stuff inside.

Price => $123.31 <=

Bottom Line

Worth its price as it is spacious, comfortable, and looks sleek.


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