How to Get Rid of the Chemical Smell in a Suitcase


Travelling can be exciting and fun. Nevertheless, to get the most out of your travel experience, you need to adequately prepare yourself. Buying new luggage can be part of the process and at times you end up with a suitcase that still has a strong chemical smell. Most times, the chemical smell is a result of the manufacturing process of the plastic, rubber, polycarbonate, and nylon components of the suitcase. There are some simple home remedies for removing the chemical smell if airing them out fails.


Vinegar works great for absorbing odors. You can dampen a few paper towels with distilled white vinegar and place them inside an open plastic bag. Place the plastic bag in your new suitcase and close the suitcase overnight. After about 12 hours, open up the suitcase and remove the plastic bag. Leave the open suitcase to air out for a few hours. The vinegar smell and the chemical odor should be gone.

Anti-Bacterial Soap

If your suitcase arrives still bearing the nauseating chemical smell, you can pick out one of your kitchen anti-bacterial soap to clean out the suitcase. Try something with a lemon smell as the citric content works well to absorb and dispel the chemical smell. Remember to first try the soap on a small unobtrusive part of your suitcase in case the type of soap you use is corrosive to the suitcase material or paintwork.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another safe home remedy for removing bad odors. Take about ΒΌ cup of baking soda and put inside an old sock or fold inside a paper towel, a cotton handkerchief, or a piece of muslin. Close the suitcase and change the baking soda every 24 hours. The whole process may take up to 5 days for the chemical smell to completely disappear.

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Cat Litter

Buy a small bag of cat litter and put it into small sachets. Place a few sachets into the suitcase and close up the suitcase overnight. If after the first day the chemical smell is still there, put in some fresh cat litter and check the following day.

Always order your travel suitcase a few weeks before your travel date. This allows you to return the suitcase in case of any defaults. For chemical odors, these home remedies can remove any bad odors that might come with your new bag.

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