Travel Select Amsterdam Two Piece Carry-On Luggage Set Review

Travel Select Amsterdam Two Piece Carry-On Luggage Set

The travel select Amsterdam two piece carry-on luggage set is a soft sided carry-on two piece made from 60% Polyester and 2-tone 1200d polyester 40%. The tote measures 15’ by 11” by 6” while the upright measures 21” by 14” by 8”. The two pieces weigh 1.8 and 8 pounds respectively. The handle has a retractable and push button system for ease and comfort while the upright has a 2-wheel inline skate wheel system for best maneuvering over smooth or uneven terrain.  Both pieces have dual shoe pockets, a meshed and zippered lid pocket, dual top and side carry handles, multiple front pockets, a bag clasp, an ID back panel window, and elastic tie straps.

Travel Select Amsterdam Two Piece Carry-On Luggage Set

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Customer Opinion

When the set arrived I found they had a great design and the two-tone polyester made it feel real refined and luxurious. The tote is perfect for toiletries or stuff like cameras, laptops, and iPads. The upright fits surprisingly well in the overhead luggage compartments on airplanes. My only concern was the aluminum shaft on the handle, looked a little weak and indeed it broke off on my third trip. I think the upright is not ideal for anything that weighs over 15 lb.


The set looks luxurious with the 2-tone polyester material. The tote is perfect for personal and delicate items and can be used even when not travelling as a school bag, gym bag, or even as a laptop bag.


The telescopic handle on the upright piece is a little too weak for heavier loads. Use the straps when lifting the upright and only use the handle when rolling the luggage.

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Bottom Line

Superb for light travel made from good and light material plus has lovely organizational pockets.


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